Sunday, June 19, 2016

Setting The Record Straight:


First it was Pam Geller now the latest victim of Facebook’s extreme policies, is retired Col. Allen B. West, whose popular page on facebook was recently hit with a 30-day ban after somehow “violating Facebook’s terms and conditions.” The popular Facebook page with over 400,000 fans, was suddenly punished after posting a meme that simply stated that on 9/11, 3000 innocent people were killed without the use of guns.

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Note from Me :

They really do think this way. I believe the progressives are brainwashed and dumbed down and watch propaganda all day and they have become idiots for liberalism. They are leaning towards Marxism and Communism and have no clue on a lot of important subjects. It doesn't matter how much education they have, too. They are really lost, clueless people who are blind to everything.

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