Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter From an American Patriot...

From Reed Chambers II,an American Patriot.

The most dangerous threat to the public safety and internal security of WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is not from foreign intrigue from ruthless foreign governments abroad, but rather is the ever growing threats posed to the American people by rogue elements of the US Government who are conspiring to destroy our national security, homeland security, social security, and also our liberties, freedom, Constitution, borders, language, Judeo-Christian Religious heritage, free and fair elections, freedom of the integrity and unbiased reportage of both our print and broadcast news media as well as the solid historical truth now being twisted into the unrecognizable social engineering propaganda indoctrinations misleading our nation's youth by our radicalized leftist-controlled public education system.

We The People are eye witnesses in history, to the mounting collapse of the United States of America, strangled by the noose of out-of-control national debt, the intentional gutting of our military, wide open borders placing standing armies of foreign armed militias and criminals into America's Heartland, where street fighting will break out with street gang-cartel criminal turf wars and Jihadist beheadings of American men, women, teens, children, and infants that the federal government will refuse to call terrorism but rather merely individual criminal attacks as we accept the shock of seeing armed foreign troops patrolling American soil with the intent to disarm We The People who are called "terrorist partisans" are as foreseeable events as is the coming American Revolutionary Civil War which occurs when rogue elements of the Federal government aided by their massed militarized police and foreign troop allies, commence to engage in war against our own people and any defiant states or localities still clinging to the legal fiction of Constitutional protections.

Judge Reed Chambers II
National Executive Director
US Tea Party Loyalists,
Founder of the US Tea Party Political Activists National Assembly and its hundreds of Locality, Affinity, County Convention, Congressional District Caucus, and State Conference decentralized Tea Party Groups.

Message From Reed :

Reed Chambers

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