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Your Daily Bread for Life...4/25/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
 Blum’s Farmer's Almanac 1969 When to Fly the Flag:

The Flag of the United States of America symbolizes the freedom, equality, and justice which characterizes our Nation. It is an emblem of our unity and our heritage representing the traditions and ideals we hold most sacred. It follows that our patriotism--- Our respect and pride for our heritage--- is reflected when we display the Flag in our homes and businesses on National Holidays. 

The Flag outside on buildings and flag staffs should be displayed only from sunrise to sunset. It should not be displayed in the open on days when the weather is inclement. Fly the Flag on these dates:

 New Year's Day--January 1,

 Inauguration Day-- January 20,

 Lincoln’s Birthday---February 12,

 Washington’s Birthday --February 22,

 Army Day---April 6,

 Easter Sunday===Variable,

 Mother’s Day---2nd Sunday in May,

 Armed Forces Day---3rd Saturday in May,

 Memorial Day---Half Staff until noon.---May 30, 

Flag Day (Since 1777) ---June 14,

 Independence Day...July 4,

 Labor Day---First Monday in September.

 Constitution Day---September 17, 

Columbus Day---October 12, 

Navy Day---October 27,

 Veteran’s Day---November 11,

 Thanksgiving Day---4th Thursday in November.

 Christmas Day---December 25,

 Pearl’s Poem:

There She Waves.... There She Waves, Brave and True...She’s the Dear Red, White and Blue...with a message bringing moisture to my eyes. There she stands, Tall and Free, in the Land of Liberty. For our Freedom there she proudly flies./ She is tattered and torn! She has stood a many storm...and her Brilliant colors now seem pale...but the Red, White and Blue...ever flies for me and you...For our liberty that must prevail! O’er our Land...shore to shore...Let her wave forevermore. She has conquered every foe she’s met. O’er the Home of the Free...Hoist her high for you and me. GIVE US LIBERTY OR GIVE US DEATH!

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