Monday, April 25, 2016


One day at a time, we forge on. In the storm of "overwhelmingness," we often can not see that just beyond the next cloud is some light forming. Yes, the voices today tell us much that points to our destruction, and some days the volume is deafening and the "curl up and cover up" reaction seems like the only option. There's a lot we are learning, but I believe there is also much we don't know in the mounting resistance.

For me, I have learned that men and women who take oaths to God in government often have cold hearts and tell itching ears what they want to hear, but that God of Heaven's Armies is still in control....and
we must PRAY and speak to Him continually for what HE CAN DO..... in his mercy, grace, power, love, direction, counsel, strength, wisdom, and in his way and timing that produces the most good for all and His kingdom. I'm learning that faith in God requires much trust and patience.... that I know little in the ways of the Lord in the big picture, but must trust in the One who knows all and the best way to accomplish his will. I've learned to take more one-on-one time with God in prayer and in His Word for strength, wisdom, perseverance day by day. I've learned to turn off the news voices, the facebook chatter that can consume and create a radioactive mindset of defeat.

It is not in our own strength that we can sustain ourselves in spiritual battles that are raging in America and among us now. We don't battle mere men and women but dark spirits, demons, who have taken over souls and work for destruction. We are in spiritual warfare, and we must go to the Commander of Heaven's Armies for our instructions, "equipment," and sustainment of receiving "water in the desert." And we must PRAY for God to remove the scales from the eyes of the fooled and taken, to open up their ears to the warnings and truths they now reject. Remember God removing the scales from the eyes of Saul?

I tell you, we are being bombarded in many ways we don't even recognize yet. The enemy is emboldened, growing in taken souls, and rabid in doing much destruction. BUT
WE HAVE THE HIGHEST POWER AND AUTHORITY to go to and lead us in battle. The world can not give us what we need....Only God can sustain us in this fallen world. We must be strong and courageous... IN THE LORD, trusting His hand's work in us and around us, and bombarding HIM with our prayers for mercy, grace and divine intervention.... that he act in a way that glorifies HIM and his kingdom that the world may know it is not us but God who deserves the praise and honor and glory..... and then many more will be saved and come to the Father of Heaven in obedience and love.

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