Monday, March 28, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.

I Stand with Sandra Merritt:
 Liberty Counsel, Matthew Staver: 

I agree with Sandra. She is one of the bravest women in America. As a mother of two daughters she dared to take on the largest and most powerful abortion business in the world to expose Planned Parenthood for the evil enterprise that it is. Sandra has been asking the Lord to use her for His purposes. When given the opportunity to expose Planned Parenthood, Sandra instantly knew that it was a high calling and she acted in obedience to that call.

Over the course of three years Sandra went undercover in the horrific market for baby parts. Her fearless and tireless work resulted in the release of Planned Parenthood videos which exposed its barbaric enterprise and awakened the conscience of America. Now we represent Sandra against a law suit filed by Planned Parenthood and an outrageous and baseless criminal charge in Houston: (unquote Matt Staver)

I have been supporting Liberty Counsel for many tears. They have already counselled Kim Davis who was the county clerk who obeyed Kentucky State law of one man and one woman in marriage and Supreme Court over ruled State sovereignty. Liberty Counsel won that case.

Please pray for Sandra Merritt’s unjust case against her and support Liberty Counsel, PO Box 540774, Orlando, Florida 32854 

Pearl’s Poem: 
I Have a Name: 

I have a name and number. Statistics will reveal. ‘T’was “equal rights” that cumbered my right to live and feel. I was a future citizen of America the Free...But now I am recorded in “statistics history”... Oh God, forgive my mother. She can not blush for shame. For like the billion others. “Aborted” is my name.”

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