Monday, March 28, 2016

Government That You Trusted..,

 by Richard Raupp

Imagine that, the Government lie.
Well, I know this long haired heavily tattooed guy from New Jersey, He used to believe wholeheartedly in the Government. Half his family was Law Enforcement, the other half in & out of Prison. Anyway, this guy was so Gung Ho, that he became a Marine at an early age. He did a lot of things that really never existed over the years that he was in. Then one day, he left the Corp & got a great job with the Power Company being a Lineman. 

He started growing his hair long, he was making bookoo money, so as any young fella would do, he wasted his money on tattooes. Then one day a few friends of his father came to see him. They said to this fella that I know, would you be interested in going to this place for 16 weeks. After a long talk with these guys & his father, it sounded like something that would be really friggin Awesome! He said yes. So, he went to that place for 16 weeks, I don't know, it was one of those three letter things.

 Then, at the end of that 16 weeks, they said that they had the perfect thing for him, nobody knows you, you look the part, would you be interested in going to play with a bunch of other guys that look like you, he said sure. Two years later, this guy that I know got in trouble, those guys told him that they were not to happy with him & that all that work for the last two years was no good. It seems that the guy that I know was put in a position, there was no way out of it, he was caught on tape partaking in illegal drugs.

 When the guy told them that there was no choice in the matter & that he had to do what he had to do, they burned him. So, he went & got his job back at the power company, got hurt a few years later, said fuck it & relocated somewhere down South where he would not have to deal with society any more.

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