Sunday, March 27, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Your Daily Bread for Life.

by D. James Kennedy....New Every Morning:

 The Trials of Christ: 

Jesus had declared that he would be delivered into the hands of sinful men who would scourge and crucify Him. Now He had fallen into those cruel hands; that ordeal which would culminate in unspeakable horror for Him, had now begun. Never the less, Jesus mastered all His courage. He had come into the world to be the death of sin and in His death there would be the salvation of the world. Never before in any court room were there issues so momentous as when Christ was on trial. the eternal bliss or woe of countless hundreds of millions hung delicately in the balance. 

If anyone will honestly examine Jesus’ trial (both Jewish and Roman one) there can only be one conclusion. These trials in almost every detail were totally illegal. When Jesus Christ stood before the bar of human justice He received nothing but injustice. We, who are so quick to demand our rights and to demand justice may do well to fix our eyes upon the Son of God In another sense though,...the trial of Christ was perfectly legal...looking at Jesus’ trial from the Divine perspective we see that God convicted Him of real sins---our sins---which were imputed to Him in the highest sense.

 Jesus was legally tried and legally condemned by God for us. How can we ever thank Him enough? (unquote Dr. Kennedy) 

Pearl’s Poem:
 He Stayed on the Cross:

 This whole world was made by my Lord’s Holy Hand....But He was betrayed by the devil and man. He came to redeem all the souls that He loved. He stayed on the Cross till He shed His lifeBlood. The people stood mocking if thou art the King...come down from the Cross then and rule over things. He paid no attention to men’s ridicule. He stayed to the finish for me and for you.

Dear Lord, please remind me when trials come round...You stayed on the Cross and You didn’t get down You’ll never forsake me. You’ll always be matter how heavy the cross I must bear. You stayed on the Cross but not in the grave. You rose from the dead on that first Easter Day....and whoso believeth their soul You will save. Just asking forgiveness...their sin debt is paid.

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