Friday, February 12, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : Two more candidates suspended their GOP campaigns today


 Two more candidates suspended their GOP campaigns today ...

and now we are down to five Rubio breathes a sigh of relief for on the next debate Christie will not be there to eat Marco alive I will refrain from calling the Florida Senator a ROBOT. I'll just call him a ready and willing donor class puppet I know that I am dumping on him relentlessly but he really is deserving of it He will have a few days to practice in front of the mirror trying to look and sound like he is not rehearsed Is it possible for him to come across as authentic?? If he did I think my head would burst But he will have his opportunity in this debate to see if he can make his comeback come true But if you ask me I think this untrustworthy chameleon is not too far from being through Hey, how about that schlub, Jeb, he actually came in fourth place You wouldn't want to know how much dough he spent for each vote because you'd find it an utter disgrace Did you see where Ted complained about not getting enough air time on FOX for coming in third? FOX had gushed over Rubio's third place finish Iowa so the whining by Cruz is not that absurd Will someone tell Dr. Carson that he got only two percent of the vote I love ya to death, Ben, but it's time to bow out! Will you please take note??

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