Friday, February 12, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : Bernie Sanders takes on Wall Street, the Bankers and each and every Billionaire ...


 Bernie Sanders takes on Wall Street, the Bankers and each and every Billionaire ...

 that he can find This is class warfare at its worst. This Vermont Socialist has truly lost his mind But this plays well with the Democrat base. It is really resonating More than the moneyed special interests it is dastardly Hillary that they are hating Her hubby Bill looks so pathetic as he campaigns for her. 

Of his former self he is but a shell The Far Left has had a fill of the Clintons. They're telling them to go to Hell The fat thighed pants suited pig is feeling the BERN but she will not admit to it Send this B***H to a federal prison. She's nothing but a lying piece of S*** In New Hampshire their motto is LIVE FREE OR DIE Tonight the voters will make it official. They'll send a message to HIllary. It will be a loud and clear..GOODBYE!!! 

It was not so long ago that the media was making way for her coronation. But, alas, it is not to be She is a scandal ridden wretch. Her indictment draws closer. We will not see a Clinton presidency Bernie Sanders and the rise of Socialism will have to be America's concern Who will the Democrat Establishment turn to as their base chants, "FEEL THE BERN!!!"

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