Friday, February 12, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : So what is to be expected tonight for the DON and Bernie?


 So what is to be expected tonight for the DON and Bernie? 

For each there should be a big win The thought of this brings to the Establishment of both parties much angst and chagrin Hillary will be humiliated. She is hated. Voters find her utterly reprehensible The Democrats are truly loony. To have a Socialist as President they find it totally acceptable Try as Hillary might there is no getting rid of Bernie. 

He still generates much excitement If I was in the shoes of the fat thighed scandal ridden pig I'd be more concerned about an indictment As for the GOP all eyes will be on who comes in second place. There is talk of a Jeb Bush surge. Might this actually be? Things seemed to get better for this pathetic shlub when he cried out for his mommy Then there is the insufferable John Kasich who I find so thoroughly annoying.

 He reminds me of a glass of milk gone bad I'm sure the Establishment really adore this simpering fool. This strikes me as utterly sad The sound that you are hearing is the preparation of a micro chip being installed in Marco Rubio The concession speech of MARCOBOT will be repetitive as we all know There is talk of Dr. Ben dropping out. 

Someone tell Ted's campaign for they will need his votes very badly He will certainly need them. I doubt he'll wind up in the top three There is such excitement in the air. All you damn poll takers please take note In the words of Walter Mondale.."Polls don't vote. PEOPLE VOTE!!"

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