Friday, February 12, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : In New Hampshire the DON and the SOCIALIST won their respective primaries..


 In New Hampshire the DON and the SOCIALIST won their respective primaries as everyone knew they would.. 

In a word it was INSURGENCY. Voters are in a foul mood. It must be understood For Dastardly Hillary the night was humiliating and it was very deserving. She really felt the BERN. This pig was thoroughly roasted The drinks are on Bernie. His fans were overjoyed. By the Far Left we see him get toasted The GOP's Establishment candidate now is morphed into John Kasich of Ohio The governor bolts into second place. He is their man. 

He's an insufferable RINO It looks like Cruz is in the show position. That completes the top three Rubio looks like he falls behind Jeb. Someone find a new microchip for MARCOBOT. He needs it badly Dr. Carson, we have had enough of you. It's time to go. Every time I listen to you I tend to fall asleep You are a wonderful sturgeon. That is a career you need to keep Carly Fiorina might soon be dropping out. 

She did not show up well We need her campaigning for whoever wins. She can really give Hillary holy hell In his concession speech Chris Christie send he's going back to Jersey and contemplate his future. A political campaign can be a tough biz Hey, Governor, kudos to you for exposing MARCOBOT for the fraud that he is So it's on to South Carolina for the next Primary as this campaign moves on Things might turn out different for Bernie. Might we see another win for the DON??

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