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Judge Nap Has BAD NEWS For Loretta Lynch, She Won’t Get Off Easily

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Judge Nap Has BAD NEWS For Loretta Lynch, She Won’t Get Off Easily

We’re getting closer to dealing out justice on the corrupt Obama officials who for so long made our government a stinking cesspool of crime. Loretta Lynch, Obama’s second Attorney General, is now clinging to dear life.

Due to James Comey’s revelation that Lynch instructed him to call the Hillary Clinton investigation a “matter,” Congress is inquiring whether or not Lynch had communications with the Democrat party. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains that Lynch could be pinned with “misconduct in office” and face 5 to 10 years in prison. Ouch!

Congress sent a letter to former Attorney General Lynch asking “During your time in the Justice Department, did you ever have communications with [former DNC chairwoman] Rep. Wasserman Schultz, her staff, her associates, or any other current or former DNC officials about the Clinton email investigation?”

Judge Napolitano states there’s enough evidence to indicate a conflict of interest. Loretta Lynch was actively pursuing the interests of the DNC. Her remarks to former FBI Director Comey show an intent to sway an open FBI investigation in a way that would benefit the Democrat presidential candidate.

Judge Nap says Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the authority to investigate Lynch’s misdeeds–and go at her with the full force of the law. He can assemble of team of DoJ officials, FBI agents, and prosecutors to get to the bottom of this.

If Loretta Lynch is found guilty of “misconduct in office,” it will not be pretty for her. She could be imprisoned for up to 10 years! That would be satisfying. Finally, a Leftist facing consequences for flagrant law-breaking.

Moreover, the prosecution of Lynch would shed light on the corrupt nature of the Obama administration. Now, we patriots know just how unethical Obama and his minions were. They nearly brought this country to ruin!

However, not all Americans know the full extent of the corruption. By holding Lynch accountable, all the world would see the truth. Eventually, Obama himself may be brought to justice for his abuses as President.

The irony is Loretta Lynch (and by extension Barack Obama) is guilty of the very crime they want to pin on Trump. After months of inquiries, no evidence has surfaced of wrong-doing by Trump. The Russia collusion is now known to be nothing more than a Left-wing conspiracy theory. Instead, Lynch is the one under fire for obstructing justice.

James Comey thought he was doing the Left a favor by testifying in Congress against Trump. But his ridiculous stories quickly fell apart under scrutiny. And he inadvertently exposed Obama’s team of thugs. This couldn’t be any better if you made it all up! The swamp rats will never triumph over our President!

Now the ball is in Trump’s court. He needs to direct Attorney General Sessions to go after Lynch. If they can get the former Attorney General, the sky’s the limit. It might very well implicate the Clintons and Obama–and they will all go to jail!

At this time, our President needs our full support. There’s no need for him to doubt it. We’re 100% behind him in going after the creeps who did so much damage to our country. Throw them all in jail and Make America Great Again!

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