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A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:07/03/17 Here's my thought for today,What makes you an American ?

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving 

Good morning my friends 
Americans patriot constitutionalist 
 Here's my thought for today 

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Hello my Christian constitutional American patriots.

Good morning friends and fellow Americans and patriots,

Good morning to my American constitutional patriot 3% and tea party freedom fighters.

What makes you an American ? Some people believe because you're born here in the United States of America this makes you an American, I think this just makes you a resident of America, but what does it really mean to be an American ?.

I was born here in Philadelphia, my parents were born here in the United States of America, one of my parents family history goes back to the native Indians here in America, but does that make me an American, NO that makes me a resident of America, a resident of North America, a resident of A state or city or municipality, but that does not make me an American ! .

What makes me an American is my believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, the declaration of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America, my belief in these things make me an American, not where I was born, not the color of my skin, and not the nationality of my Argent !
My believe in the Constitution of the United States of America is what makes me an American nothing else !!!.
My pledge of allegiance.

I pledge my allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to our flag of the United States of America, for without our Constitution we would have no flag and no nation to call our own!, And to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all, and to those who have and are willing to sacrifice to defend and protect our nation I pledge my allegiance to you, the constitutional people of the United States of America, with my life, my liberties, and all of my earthly treasures, I swear to defend this constitutional nation so help me God !!!
If you are not a constitutionalist how can you call yourself a real American?

By-Bill Sharpe

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"Star Spangled Banner" with 4th of July Fireworks



Daily Bites of the Constitution : Review # 1-30 : In Case You Miss one...

 I would recommend that everybody go online and take a free course on the Constitution from Hillsdale college, I would also recommend that everybody should join a local militia group, and a patriot organization.


God Bless America is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938. The later version was recorded by Kate Smith, Note : I would Like you to take the 5 minutes and listen to the words of this Song and remember the Generation that fought A world war ,so we could be free ,So stand up be side Her and lets take our Country back ,my Patriot Friends ! 


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