Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:07/26/17 Here's my thought for today,Democratic Party

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving 

Good morning my friends 
Americans patriot constitutionalist 
 Here's my thought for today 

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Hello my Christian constitutional American patriots.

Good morning friends and fellow Americans and patriots,3% tea party freedom fighters and watchmen.

To those of you who say that the Democratic Party does not have a plan,I want you to consider this ! Since 5 July 1776 there has been a group of individuals working to destroy the freedoms and liberties of the newly established nation known as the United States of America!.

The same individuals today are still doing the same thing, they have encompassed our border states almost completely to control the commerce that connects the coast and borders of the United States with the rest of the country, from Maine South Carolina the Communist Democratic Party control the political agenda of those states, and from California to Washington state they control the political agenda of those states as well, trying to cut off commerce to the middle of our country, this is not a plan that took place yesterday !.

These individuals wish to destroy the People's power by destroying the Constitution of the United States of America ! Look what they have tried to do with our second amendment rights, if they can take and cancel at any one of our rights they will take them all!!!.

To the Congress and the Senate in both parties, the American people hired Donald J Trump by proxy to do our will, if you get in the way you will be replaced !!!.

Bill Sharpe.



Daily Bites of the Constitution : Review # 1-30 : In Case You Miss one...

 I would recommend that everybody go online and take a free course on the Constitution from Hillsdale college, I would also recommend that everybody should join a local militia group, and a patriot organization.


God Bless America is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938. The later version was recorded by Kate Smith, Note : I would Like you to take the 5 minutes and listen to the words of this Song and remember the Generation that fought A world war ,so we could be free ,So stand up be side Her and lets take our Country back ,my Patriot Friends ! 


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