Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Ultimate Hypocrite, Hillary Clinton:

hillary clinton

HYPOCRITE Clinton Tells Audience – Defend TRUTH, EVIDENCE And FACTS

The ultimate hypocrite, Hillary Clinton, a woman who should by now be known by her inmate number, once again demonstrated how brazen she is in her incessant, total assault on reality, speaking as if the fantasyland she resides in is the same as the rest of us. In this instance she’s addressing a group of librarians. Sure, they’re in liberal Chicago and on the public Democrat IV drip, liberals who are largely themselves removed from reality, but this was going too far.

These educated people, jaded by their affiliation and representation by extortionist self-serving teachers unions, didn’t come to this event not knowing Clinton was going to be there or unaware of the kind of tripe she’d be spewing. She could say anything and they’d applaud. She pretty much did.

In the opening line of the video, Clinton says, “That’s why as librarians, once again, you have to be on the front lines of one of the most important fights we have ever faced in the history of our country, the fight to defend truth and reason, evidence and facts.”

Clinton said – As librarians, defend TRUTH and reason, EVIDENCE and FACTS – Really

The pathological liar to destroyed, at a minimum, 33,000 government emails, hammer pounded 9 cell phones and wiped all the evidence of her crimes from her bootleg server with Bleachbit, is somehow suddenly supportive of the preservation of evidence. The woman who structured a presidential campaign around covering up her actions, in large part by lying about them repeatedly, conforming her “facts” to the level of her exposure and her narrative to the nature and extent of the revelations, now supposedly wants the facts protected and respected. If these people weren’t being so easily and willingly manipulated it might even be funny. Instead it’s scary.

As she nods in that now familiar manner that developed over the last year of the campaign, cheers go up among the delusional audience members. Portraying this speech as a thinly-veiled campaign speech, Clinton says, “I really do believe we are stronger together,” noting that it didn’t work for her in the last election. It’s not that remarkable of a concept to most folks, Clinton, that’s why armies are formed, but it is effective at reassuring those desperate to impose her kind of despotic global socialism that she is already running again.

Clinton says we have to set priorities on what’s really important, and delivers a minor jab at President Trump, as the passing fancy on reality TV. Do librarians even watch reality TV? Does anybody who attends political rallies? It’s a disjointed, meaningless base argument that these sponges will nonetheless soak up as she attempts to contrast herself against the nothingness of her message. Vote for Hillary because she’s in favor of being Americans instead of watching reality TV.

That’s a great message, Clinton. You should definitely run on that in 2020. She panders on, saying that librarians used to teach media literacy. Every librarian I’ve ever encountered had a full time job just keeping the library orderly and functioning properly. They didn’t teach classes in anything, let alone “media literacy.” That would fall on someone in a journalism department, wouldn’t it, Clinton? Perhaps you’re just a media illiterate.

Once again the most partisan political Democrat hack this side of Hussein Obama pretends she’s above it all, saying what she’s calling for, the message that doesn’t exist, “goes far beyond any kind of political party or partisan feeling. It really does go to who we are as Americans; what we stand for.” If she had gotten elected we would, as Americans, have stood for being a borderless depository for every undesirable radical around the globe and the funding source for every third world wish list capable of carving out a cut for our crooked leaders.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. It can again be avoided in 2020 as we are reminded of just how fortunate we were that President Trump won. This criminal hag could have been president.






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