Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Nightmare In NYC And Elizabeth Warren

My Nightmare In NYC And Elizabeth Warren
Nightmares for many oldsters like me (bordering on 89) are not uncommon. Last night, I had one for the books. The majority of my nightmares involve me being in a strange city, mainly New York’s Manhattan district near 52nd street and not able to remember where I parked my car and the name of my hotel; but this nightmare was much worse, it was politically incorrect.

BACKGROUND: In the 70s, the TV series “All in the Family” by the leftist producer Norman Lear, had a massive audience of TV viewers for about a decade. It was really a funny satirical comedy depicting a conservative character by the name of Archie Bunker, his benignly skeptical, mentally balanced, wife Edith and their flaky daughter. Added to the cast of characters is an ultra-liberal son-in-law who he named Meat Head and Archie labeled his wife and daughter “Ding Bats” when he disagreed with them.

Archie, somehow, seemed to be the bread winner since his son-in law, the perpetual student with no visible income; his daughter totally unemployable and his wife the devoted to be the moderator within a dysfunctional home and is the kitchen cook preventing total chaos. The fact is that Lear, the producer, depicts Archie as a right wing nut job conservative bigot, an ignoramus while the others are held as victims who need government handouts to survive yet Archie Bunker and Edith own the house and provide food for their table.

My nightmare is about Elizabeth Warren and not the Bunker family. She is known as Pocahontas who claimed to be part Native American because her mother said she looked like one as a baby. She was able to obtain her Ph.D. gratis by the government’s Native American grant program, that continued the same fraud that paid and abetted her education so she could become a Harvard graduate and a tenured Professor with all the perks.

The dream involved a melding reality to this nightmare where Pocahontas becomes a U.S Senator and soon thereafter the Demonkrats’ nominee for the 2020 Presidential race… mainly through the support of femanazi, “ding bats.”

The nightmare really then goes into scatological orbit when she finally takes the oath of office in January 2021. Her first presidential order is to convert the nation’s public bathrooms to bi-sexual, homophobic, transsexual, and all those eugenically altered males and females who don’t give a little damn where they relieve themselves. She then gives out another edict to convert the bathrooms entirely to stalls to eliminate long waiting lines of women where men’s room contained mostly empty urinals. My nightmare exploded into satirical drollery when President Warren decrees that all urinals are to be eliminated and replaced with cubicles for the few testosterone straight males and those millions of males affected psychologically who lost their manliness and shrunk gonads as a result of female freedom marches and TV’s blonde spokespeople representing female superiority. The queen of the left ‘Pocahontas’ concludes her directive bias by announcing that pee drops on horizontal toilet seats are criminal and castration is not optional.

At that point, I awoke drenched in sweat.


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