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What's on my mind ?:04/28/17,Tax Payment Act of 1943

What's on my mind?
The current Tax Payment Act of 1943

by P.L.Sturgis.

The current Tax Payment Act of 1943 is recorded in the book "To Harrass our People" by Senator George Hansen:

 The Social security Act of 1935 provided the first truly mandatory levy on US citizens' incomes. 

Even though this was not strictly speaking of the income tax it paved the way for the mandatory laws which would follow. In 1943 congress passed the current tax payment Act which brought into being the withholding tax (income taxes withheld by tax payers' employers) and the estimated tax (a tax paid quarterly on all income which is not wages.) Both of these taxes are mandatory and the law stipulates severe penalties for failure to comply. 

After 1943 American voluntary tax was no more. (unquote Senator Hansen) Our founding fathers knew to stop a two cent tax from British. Now why in the world are we putting up with 35% taxes and penalty on top and loss of our own property we worked and paid for ourselves. 

All these taxes are unconstitutional. Even the 16th Amendment is against the 10th Amendment. States are sovereign. States created the federal for precautions that never happened and now, it's like President Reagan said, The Federal Government is the problem.

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