Friday, April 28, 2017

Marine Le Pen voters claim France could go to war in battle to leave European Union

Le Pen

FRENCH voters who are backing Marine Le Pen have said a civil war may be necessary to liberate the country from the control of Brussels.
Voters who are angry at the political establishment have said a civil war is on the cards if France does not break away from the European Union.

The French presidential election is fast approaching, with two candidates advocating a Frexit gaining the most ground in recent days.

Both left-wing Jean-Luc Melenchon and right-wing Marine Le Pen are pushing for a campaign to leave the European project.

Several voters in the historically industrial town of Amiens told German channel DW that they were backing Marine Le Pen so she could take back control over their borders.

Rural voter

One young worker said he was voting for the Front National because they were the only party with answers to France's growing unemployment, which sits just over 10 per cent.

But, he warned, the country may need to fight on the streets for their freedom from the European Union.

The young man told DW: "Leaving the euro will hurt at first and make a lot of people very angry. It could even trigger a civil war to get there.

"But, something has to be done, and that includes returning to the Franc."

Mrs Le Pen's political platform has called for protectionist policies in order to boost the French economy.

Le Pen

Le Pen has campaigned on protectionist economic policies

Frexit campaign

Could France descend into chaos in a vicious Frexit campaign?

It could even trigger a civil war to get there. But, something has to be done

Marine Le Pen voter

Amiens has seen several companies move their operations abroad, such as Poland, in recent years.

One of the local union representatives, Frederic Chantrelle, said: "Tomorrow it will be Asia, then Bangladesh.

"Globalization is always more for the big people and less for us little ones.

"We always have to tighten our belts, and some of us don't have any more belt."

On the upcoming election, Mr Chantrelle added: "We're working for nothing, and we're fed up. It will show in the vote.

"People will vote extreme in the first round."

Another local farmer said: "Europe means open borders and they need to be closed.

"It might not be easy to leave the EU but we have to close the border. It is the only way to protect this country."


Another farmer said Europe was the source of their problems

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