Saturday, March 18, 2017

What's on my mind ?:03/17/17,Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 5-Coming

What's on my mind?
Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 5

by Pearl Leona Sturgis

 Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 5 I have titled "Defining our Social Decline." 

I am typing Daily Bites of the Citizens Watch Dog Public Service Booklet which describes the subtle way Global Order tyrants secretly attack christianity and our moral principle in our Judeo Christian Nation. by preying on our children in our public schools and colleges . Now Series 4 is explaining how the (so called) Health Institutes filters our schools and funding by (so called) Guidance and Counseling Programs which are totally against christian moral principles and attack the family God created. From Distant Shores: God sent them here from distant shores...Free soil to walk upon; For me and mine; for you and call our "Home Sweet Home." 

They fled from persecution! They fought for their own lives! In that Great Revolution they paid our Freedom's Price. But we, unlike our fathers, have walked in paths so strange! We just could not be bothered when God's own laws they changed! They took the "Ten Commandments" and BIBLE out of school! Our children we abandoned! We let the devil rule! Now it's time for reaping the seeds that they have sown! We should have fought for keeping the laws we're based upon!

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