Saturday, March 11, 2017

What's on my mind ?:03/11/17,United States Supreme Court: two very important cases to watch this month — and Liberty Counsel's legal team is involved in both.

What's on my mind?
United States Supreme Court cases

by Pearl Leona Sturgis

There are two very important cases to watch this month — and Liberty Counsel's legal team is involved in both. Your prayerful partnership is essential as we work to rebuild our nation and counter the work of the ACLU and other organizations that have been tearing it down! 

Please see my important information on these two precedent-setting cases below — Mat. Pearl, Tomorrow, the Virginia Supreme Court will hear Liberty Counsel's challenge to the Fairfax County School Board case regarding its illegal policy in which the board added "sexual orientation," "gender identity," and "gender expression" to its nondiscrimination policy and student handbook. This is why the Board's actions are illegal and Liberty Counsel's case is vitally important... Virginia follows what is called the "Dillon's Rule," which requires that local nondiscrimination laws not be more stringent than the state law. State law does not include "sexual orientation," "gender identity," or "gender expression." The school board's act of adding "gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation" to the local policy violates state law and harms children. Allowing boys to use private facilities for girls violates the right to privacy and places girls at risk of sexual abuse. Virginia law also requires uniformity throughout the state to avoid a patchwork of conflicting laws at the local level. This is a matter of statewide and national concern. The fact that the Virginia Supreme Court decided to take up this case should be a warning to other Virginia school boards and government bodies to back away from following the path of Fairfax County.

 + + Liberty Counsel is aggressively fighting the fallout spawned by the Obama administration's dangerous "bathroom" directive. The former president's outrageous decree has mushroomed into an extensive legal battleground. Later this month, the Justices of the United States Supreme Court will, for the first time, address the question of whether laws protecting against sex discrimination in education are applicable to "gender identity." The stakes are extremely high in this case. The ACLU is representing a high school student's claim to special rights and accesses because of "gender identity." The ACLU recently wrote that "This Supreme Court Case Could Affect Trans Lives for...

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