Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Globalists Meet Trump And The People--Not Pretty

The Globalists Meet Trump And The People--Not Pretty

The "lumpenproletariats" have awakened. They are not as stupid as their would be Globalists Lords want to believe.

History is replete with conflicts between the various ideologies of totalitarianism and freedom. This conflict appears to be inherent within human nature and its various political structures.

We are now in a most interesting phase of the latest one. The elites have many fronts with well staffed troops in order to gain conquest. Different political ideologies i.e. Communism, Progressivism, Islamism, as well as the artificially created structures of the EU along with so-called "trade agreements" have been inching forward. Under the second Obama administration, it has been going full throttle with the mask ripped off and the apparently complicity of a feckless Congress and a colluding MSM.

Apparently, the "Powers That Be" grossly underestimated the number of viable, thinking human beings who were becoming increasingly fed up with all of the Orwellian rules, regulations, and imposed groupthink. When the hidden burning embers beneath the wood pile, erupted into the spontaneous combustion of events like Brexit, growing anger of the citizenry within the EU, and the election of Trump, they were shocked. They failed to monitor the wood pile for just such a possible ignition.

The fact that they were so blindsided by Trump's election, despite all of his imperfections, indicates their arrogance and ignorance regarding the character of those whom they seek to dominate. No need to check the wood pile, they had the MSM, the politicians, and world finances under control.

They have now fallen into their own ditch and will attempt to dig their way out. They may have a long haul, but they never give up.

Eventually, all empires and dictatorships fall or become seriously weakened to the point of dysfunctionality, whereupon, the people step in and eventually derail the train of oppression. As time goes by, they become complacent, and the opposition begins the totalitarian creep.

The never ending cycle will continue.

The following somewhat lengthy post discusses the present phase in further detail, and is well worth the read.

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