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Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series#2,Child Abuse in the Classroom:#12,Equal Opportunity Postings

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #2

Child abuse in the classroom:


Daily Bites of Child Abuse in the Classroom by Phyllis Schlafly :

Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly:
# 12 Equal Opportunity Postings:

The protection of Pupil rights Amendment, its regulations, and a clear statement of the procedure in filing complaints should be posted in every school in a prominent place alongside of the mandatory “Equal Opportunity” postings.

The complaint procedure should be incorporated into the students rights and responsibilities statements and copies made available to all students and teachers. When a teacher intends to use material of classroom practices covered by the protection of Pupils Rights Amendment the material and description of the practices should be available for parental inspection in accessible places for at least a month before their intended use. 

The parental consent form should contain a specific description of the materials and practices and should make it clear that they are to be used in the classroom (so that the parent is not misled into thinking it is individual counselling). This will assure that the prior consent of the parent is informed consent.

Such written approval should be placed in, and remain in, the school file at least until the end of the academic year. Such record keeping is for the protection of pupils, parents, teachers, and schools. Children whose parents do not give consent for participation in such programs should be provided with an alternative academic educational program. 

They should not be punished, harassed, embarrassed, have their grades reduced or their work loads increased because of their parents decisions! Parents should not be intimidated by accusations that they are censors or enemies of public schools. The Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment does not stop any federal funding or prohibit any program. It merely requires parents consent for objectionable programs are used. How could anyone object to that? Parents should not be intimidated by accusations that enforcement will increase federal control over local schools.

 That is false. The regulations merely force those using federally funded programs to obey the law with respect to these materials. Many private schools have adopted similar programs. Any federally funded schools are subject to the Pupils Rights Amendment. THE TIME HAS COME FOR PARENTS TO ASSERT THEIR RIGHTFUL AUTHORITY OVER THE EDUCATION OF THEIR CHILDREN! Signed Phyllis Schlafly.

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(To be continued )
My next series is against Common Core. Phyllis Schlafly's "Child Abuse in the Classroom!
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold  War,series #2

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