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November 28 at 11:37pm


Fb alters how they censor. That is no surprise anymore. I can well understand the need to control their product as well. Since the last election I noticed some new ways they limit posting in fb.

A few years back, about 3, I could make 500 posts in groups in one day, if I posted slow enough. That made its way down to 10 posts in groups and I got jail. A few months before the election that got bumped up to about 150 posts in groups and then jail. I then limited to 50 posts to groups in a day and avoided jail.

The deceptive thing in fb jail is hiding every post I ever made from all profiles except my own. I admin some 20 groups and 5 pages. I have one group I mainly use to save articles I want to look at later. When fb puts me in jail, I can still see articles in this group, but use any other profile, my articles are gone. This is the page: 

It happens in every group I am a member or admin.

They do not seem to be blocking me in pages while in fb jail, at least not yet but after seeing this they may have another target. Although, posting in pages is not the same as groups. My complaint about pages, is they say something was taken down, but do not show the post that violated their community standards. Maybe they do not tell me because I am only a content creator on that page, not an admin. But I think it would help to know an example of what they do not like.

Now, the newest tactic limiting sharing in fb is happening with many postings. When sharing posts I have made, the article does not appear in timelines when the share button is used. It only shows headlines and a URL. Apparently, the only way to be sure the article appears in your timeline is to paste the URL on your profile timeline. Share appears something like this:

Boosted post

I have been told fb is free, so don’t complain about fb censorship. Well, I boosted a couple posts,$100 USD each, so that was not free. I feel that you, fb, undercut the ability to share posts WHILE paying you money to have them boosted.

So, to the general fb user, I do not recommend boosting posts in fb because they will limit the reach by not showing the article or picture when that article is shared. Of course, they are doing the same when the posts are not boosted as well. Also, when you, or your friends, make a post or a blog and you want it shared, no longer use the share feature. You must copy and paste the URL to make sure the article, and picture, will appear in your timeline (fb may change this after seeing this article).

Sometimes the share feature works, but have been seeing more, and more, the headlines only being shared. Has happened from all people especially in the last weeks before the election.

And fb jail is now two weeks long for me. How long is it for you?

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