Thursday, November 10, 2016

What's On My Mind ?:11/10/16 Friends Or Acquaintances

What's on my mind?
 Friends Or Acquaintances 

by Linda Rasmussen feeling bummed.

Today someone I had known for years, who I thought was a friend, actually wanted to unfriend me because he strongly feels Trump is against gays. I couldn't believe what I was reading. He had posted an open letter on his timeline for all his friends to see saying, if you don't, I will and I know who you are. So after thinking about his request, I obliged because I'm not one to continue beating my head against a brick wall...I can see the signs since we had experienced a nasty row months back (his response, not mine). Don't liberal gays recognize that Killary wants to create an Islamic caliphate in America and the implementation of Sharia Law means death to gays? I'm thinking he must have lots of money to keep affording Obamacare tax increases too. On those two issues alone, he should support Trump. Trump is not perfect, but he does not have a history of dead bodies, he has not decisively lied and he genuinely cares about America. He goes on to claim that his request is representative of becoming a new father. What is it, in some people's minds, in this particular instance, that prevents him from seeing, his newborn baby girl could one day be approvingly raped or taken as a very young bride? I don't know how some people come to their conclusion as to what is right and what constitutes a friend. I simply don't know...

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