Friday, October 28, 2016

Rigged Election - Why Vote?

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by Sharon White

Voter fraud is running rampant and it very alarming! George Soros' voting machines are reportedly in all key states, dead people are voting, illegals are voting, we have voter intimidation, voters are voting multiple times, fake ballots already filled out in Hillary's favor. 
There is absolutely no way that Hillary could win and they lengths that her campaign, the DNC and the White House are doing to ensure her win is downright illegal.
If she does steal the election we are in serious trouble and have some tough decisions to make as a nation, on our own. There will be no doubt in most peoples minds that she is selected to be the elected. Then what? The utter outrage in America will be at a height we have never seen in our country. The Trump supporters will be so furious. Will it be time for millions of Americans to go to Washington DC and protest like they did in Egypt to overthrow Morsi in 2013?
Obama will have three months to reek havoc on our cnation between election day and the day he is removed from office. What might he do before Trump could take office. Many fear an EMP, or WWWIII with Russia, or stirring up more hate violence, will he get all the muslims he has brought illegally into our country to attack us?  What if he decides to not leave? He has certainly said that more than once.
One thing is for certain, in order for Donald Trump to win it would have to be by a huge landslide. He will have to have more votes than all the illegal votes Hilary will have. To not vote is to vote for Hillary plain and simple.
People have said there is no reason to vote because it is rigged. One thing you got to remember is that they are creating voters because the votes do count. If you have never voted before, this is the time to vote for the very first time. Our country's future depends on it. If Hillary wins, there is no bright future for us, our children or our future grandchildren. Your loved ones will live in a Socialists society, where they will lose all the freedoms we have all had and where they will have not enough of anything. Mark my word, it is coming.
If you want to vote for Hillary, then don't vote.

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