Friday, October 28, 2016

EYE OPENER'S : Is Hillary Faking Her Rallies?

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by Sharon White

Hillary Clinton is up to her crooked ways again. On several computer screen shots taken from videos of her rallies, the screen's of the cell phones do not match what they appear to be recording.

Is Hillary so confident about winning or rigging the election that she feels it is unnecessary do the rallies?  Is she too sick to attend them?  Are the turn outs at her rallies so low that they quit having them?  Are all the attendees, or possibly paid attendees, behind her and they added the fake crowd in front so the videos appear to show more people in attendance?   Take a look at some of these photos and you decide.

If you look closely at the screen shot above, it looks like some of the arms were added, 
like the woman with the blue sleeves. 

The screen shot above show the phone screen's do not match their surroundings.  

If you compare this photo to the photo above it, the woman with the pony tail is in the exact same position in both photos as is the neon green cell phone between her right hand and her head.  
What is the green cell phone recording?  It is not pointed to the stage in either photo.

They are getting more creative by blurring the crowd's phones.

In this screen shot above, it looks like Hillary was added to the photo.

    How odd is this?  Why are they doing this?  This clearly shows Hillary oozes with dishonesty and       once again she is showing she will do anything to win!

    If you want more lies and deceit, then here is your candidate.  Why would anyone vote for her    
    when she is clearly corrupt and dishonest?

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