Thursday, August 11, 2016

What's on my mind? :Amish People

What's on my mind?

Maybe it's time we took a lesson from the Amish People.

 By-Chappy Gypsy Robert

Just my thoughts: Let me explain

English Man: Why won't you be voting for President?

Amish Man: Why do I need to?

English Man: are you not worried about ISIS?

Amish Man: No, I never even met her.

English Man: The government is about to screw up Heath Insurance

Amish Man: We don't participate in that. We take care of our own.

English Man: did you hear that Social Security might run out of money?

Amish Man: That's not our problem either. We don't participate in that. We take care of our own.

English Man: but jobless rate has sky rocketed. What about jobs?

Amish Man: I don't know of an Amish man that is without work.

English Man: but some have said if we pick the wrong President that our dollar could be worth 1/2 as much in 4 years.

Amish Man: then I guess you will be buying my tomatoes for $2 a pound instead of $1.

English Man: but the economy could be effected a lot by our next President.

Amish Man: I know that I can put this tomato seed in the ground and with labor and time, that one seed can end up producing many, many tomatoes and countless more seeds. That is the Amish economy.

English Man: but what about income taxes?

Amish Man: No Amish man around here pays that.

English Man: What about homosexual marriages?

Amish Man: That decision is above the President's Pay Grade and we don't care what some man thinks, we will not be "marrying" homosexuals, nor will they stay apart of the Amish community.

English Man: what about education?

Amish Man: we teach our own

English Man: what about welfare, food stamps, etc.

Amish Man: we take care of our own. Look, I'm 80 years old. When I was a child, I woke up, did my chores, ate, worked and went to bed. We do that roughly 6 day a week and take every Sunday off. Every 4 years, I hear people say how bad it will get if a certain person gets elected...and by observation, I see it has gotten bad for many of you English people. But us Amish still wake up, do chores, eat, work and go to bed and rest on Sunday.

Our work has not been effected. Our health and health care has not been effected. Our net produce has not been effected. And we know that as long as we stay separate from you and all the English programs, we will be able to continue living the way we have always been, no matter who the next President is.
You, on the other hand...your insurance, job, economy, taxes, schools, welfare, social security, etc is dependent on those government if you want to play that game, play it, but I like our program better.

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