Thursday, August 11, 2016


Why is the government lying to us about how much progress America is making with ISIS/ISIL? Why is President Obama telling us Al-Qaida is on the run? Remember that we were told that a Youtube video was the cause of a 'riot' in Benghazi, Libya when, in fact, four men died because of a terrorist attack? They are saying the lies started in 2014 but we all know about the giant lie in 2012. Well, my friends, that was just the beginning. 

Higher ups in the chain of command have been told to make the news sound better than what is really going on. The truth is that things in the Middle East are far worse than we are being informed.

It is actually at the point where our military is being put at risk. Yes, our brave men and women are at risk because they are not told how bad things are. ISIS/ISIL and other terrorist groups have not been as destroyed as the military have been told. The boots on the ground have no idea what they are actually up against.

Our government has been lying to the American people but also the to the military. Now, the government is blaming the military.

From FOX News:

Intelligence reports produced by U.S. Central Command that tracked the Islamic State’s 2014-15 rise in Iraq and Syria were skewed to present a rosier picture of the situation on the ground, according to a bombshell report released Thursday by a House Republican task force. 

The task force investigated a Defense Department whistleblower's allegations that higher-ups manipulated analysts’ findings to make the campaign against ISIS appear more successful to the American public.  The report concluded that intelligence reports from Central Command were, in fact, “inconsistent with the judgments of many senior, career analysts.”

Further, the report found, “these products also consistently described U.S. actions in a more positive light than other assessments from the [intelligence community] and were typically more optimistic than actual events warranted.” 

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., who was involved in the House report, said Thursday the data was clearly “manipulated.”

“They wanted to tell a story that ISIS was the JV, that we had Al Qaeda on the run,” he told Fox News. “This is incredibly dangerous. We haven’t seen this kind of manipulation of intelligence … in an awfully long time.” 

It is unclear how high up the reports in question went, though the task force found “many” Central Command press releases, statements and testimonies were “significantly more positive than actual events” as well. 

The joint task force report blamed “structural and management changes” at the CENTCOM Intelligence Directorate starting in mid-2014 for the intelligence products. Surveys provided to the task force, according to the report, showed 40 percent of analysts later claimed they “had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence.” 

The report also said senior leaders relied on details from coalition forces rather than “more objective and documented intelligence reporting,” using this as a rationale to change reports – sometimes “in a more optimistic direction.” 

The Defense Department inspector general is now taking a close look at the findings – and looking for more possible whistle-blowers. The joint task force described its assessment released Thursday as an "initial report" and continues to investigate.

"The facts on the ground didn't match what the intelligence was saying out of the United States Central Command," Pompeo said. 
The Pentagon did not comment in depth on the report, citing the ongoing IG investigation.

However, spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Patrick L. Evans said the intelligence community assessments are “based on multifaceted data related to the current security environment.”

“Experts sometimes disagree on the interpretation of complex data, and the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense welcome healthy dialogue on these vital national security topics,” he said in a statement. 

When the allegations initially surfaced last year, the White House insisted no one in the administration pressured anyone, and suggested blame may rest with the military.

Well, who you do you believe will be found at fault? Not Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? No, the media would never tell us that. Besides, they would only lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny. That's what Democrats do. 

Does the chain of command reach the top? Honestly, you have to believe that it is inconceivable that the top of command has been unaware of what has been going on for this many years. 

Do the American people still want to vote for a career politician? Are the people just sick of hearing about more emails? Emails are just Republican propaganda, right? I think not. We are sick and tired of the same old, same old.

Donald Trump will have a tough job ahead of him but he will, with an honest administration, get to the bottom of this and all other corruption in this administration. Make America Great Again! Vote TRUMP!

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