Sunday, August 28, 2016


Seeing some people out here saying they have had it with politics. Done with it. Tired of it. No more political posts.

Well, I'll tell you. The enemies of America want you to be right there, retreating, tired, exhausted, frustrated, angry, folding your arms and stepping back. GIVING UP. This is exactly what they wanted and desired.... to beat down the opposition into defeat, no fight, no spreading the truth, shutting down.

We are closing in on a major battle with the November election, and you think NOW is the time to quit?     Submit?      Default?    GIVE UP ????

Sure, you stand up for something, you're going to get knocked back and verbally abused, BUT YOU DO IT ANYWAY. You do it for the good of all, even those knocking you down and verbally abusing you. You look beyond the thorns and push through the brush and work for a cleared and clean land once again. You do it for future generations. You do it to look back and be able to say, "Lord, you revealed the truth to me. I did my best to defend You, truth, and expose and rebuke evil for the good of all." You did not hide the truths God revealed to you under a barrel. You shined the light on darkness and did not surrender to the forces attacking and fighting you. YOU FOUGHT ON. YOU DIDN'T QUIT. YOU SOUGHT THE STRENGTH GOD PROMISED YOU EACH NEW DAY TO BATTLE EVIL, LIES, UNTRUTHS, AND THOSE WHO WORK FOR THE PRINCE OF THIS EARTH. 

You will be held accountable one day for your choices and those consequences they created. Will you fight for God and what is good and right and against those who lie and cheat and deceive and fool and create hate, division and destruction for all? Will you pick up the sword of truth and good and participate in the biggest battle raging in America as evil has taken over our government? IF YOU DON'T, MANY MORE WILL BE HURT OR KILLED. 

Beware of Satan's deceiving whispers in your ears and mind and heart to step back, give it up, you aren't making a difference, people don't like you or care what you think or say, and the worse is "you can't make a difference and you are not making a difference." He'll tell you you're defeated already and the battle is over. 

WHO ARE YOU LISTENING TO? THE GOD OF HEAVEN'S ARMIES working His will, His way, and His timing or the great liar who tells you that you are already defeated? 

Get back to "watching the wall," Americans. Leaving it empty, leaves evil a path to consume, devour, destroy. 

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