Sunday, August 28, 2016


There are many reasons why Trump is the only way to vote. Our country is run by a corrupt government regime that is controlling everything that is happening to us. 

Prices are sky-rocketing with Obama Care.  Insurance companies are bailing out of it in increasing numbers. Small businesses are going bankrupt because of Obama Care costs.

The race issue in our country is rising at an alarming rate. Murders are escalating. Children are dying in our inner cities.

Dangerous drugs are flowing into this country through open borders. Our youth and adults are dying. 

Our children are being brainwashed by Common-Core education. It is truly time to wake up.

Don't let America down. Do not vote for the same old crap that has been shoved in our faces. Help your children and grandchildren escape the reality of a Global Society where America is no longer a 'Super Power' in the world.

Please watch the video. Get excited about Trump and how he will get America back. Vote Trump/Pence and make America great again.

Daveda Gruber 

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