Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sweden's Answer To America's Gun Problem...

‘Progressive’ Hunter Claims Collectivist Government Edicts the Solution to U.S. Gun Troubles

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The legal concept of gun restrictions based on “sporting purposes” came from National Socialists, so naturally Opposite Day “progressives” look to their past in planning for our future. (screen capture from Vox link post on Twitter)

“Sweden may have the answer to America’s gun problem,” self-described “responsible hunter” Tom Heberlein tells the “progressive” readership of Vox. Then again, per Heberlein, Sweden has the answer to America’s economic problems, too.

An American who chooses to live in Sweden, sociology professor Heberlein is a big fan of socialism, arguing why the purer Swedish model is preferable to an American version that still has not completely transformed. That even more superior results might be achieved in a society limiting government to specifically-delegated functions and leaving experimentation on everything else to the people seems not to be an option.

After all, the great object is total control. What kind of Opposite Day “progressive” champion of egalitarianism would want citizens to make choices for themselves? Who better to lecture the private sector on superior delivery systems for goods and services than someone who has spent his entire professional career at the tax-funded academia trough?

And who better to lecture America’s fiercely independent gun owners than a collectivist Fudd?

Now before any of you get bent out of shape because that word, understand it’s not intended to disparage all hunters, just the sporting purposes über alles gunkapos ready to throw anyone with other ideas about uninfringed RKBA under the bus. And everyone knows where such mandated restrictions as a means of disarmament came from, right?

You got it, from the National Socialists. Even though they want to deny any connection and now use that term to throw people off track by instead accusing conservatives of being Nazis…

So naturally, a Suecophille hobbyist doesn’t have much use for rights over privileges, especially the kind that “shall not be infringed.”

“As we face a firearm crisis in America today, it’s time for hunters to stop hiding behind the Second Amendment and claim the moral high ground as our nation’s responsible gun owners,” Heberlein proclaims. He doesn’t seem to consider that it ain’t about hunting, and that some of us aren’t hiding behind it – we’re standing in front of it, “guard[ing] with jealous attention the public liberty,” and ready to “preserve it [with] downright force.” We’re not going to give up the ability to do that.

So no, professor, if you want to store your guns in a vault somewhere other than where you live, go for it, but that’s not going to fly here. Ditto for licensing and registration – since we know criminals are exempt from such requirements (see Haynes v. United States, where the Supreme Court ruled to require a felon to register a gun would violate Fifth Amendment protections), and especially since we know how National Socialists have abused such lists in the past (see what happened to Jewish Olympian Alfred Flatow).

Useful idiot sport shooters who support gun owner control laws seem to believe the promise of Polyphemus that they’ll be eaten last — or not at all. What they think will happen once they’re no longer needed to infiltrate and subvert the gun community is anyone’s guess, particularly since another “progressive” faction is hostile not just to “blood sports” and “animal murderers,” but to anything but strict, sustainable veganism.

“Fortunately” (there are two kinds) as far as Sweden is concerned, it may not come down to Scandinavian socialists having the final say on what the law is. If it stays on its present course, it looks like already-taken-root Sharia may be in Sweden’s future. If that’s the case, ol’ Heberlein might want to get his 12-gauge and Remington out of the vault, because I don’t think the “restrictive” gun laws are going to have much sway on hordes of criminal “migrants” and the “refugees” bent on jihad.

Then again, for someone who would lecture us on the “responsibility of gun owners,” it doesn’t appear Heberlein includes the responsibility to use arms to preserve freedom and resist tyranny. Typically, gun owner control proponents expect someone else to assume the risks of bearing arms to enforce their pet diktats — so, if allowed to survive, the requirement for all conquered peoples will be utter submission.


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