Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Presidential Poll Stuns Media

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For the past several weeks, Democrats and their supporters in the liberal media have triumphantly proclaimed the presidential race to be all but over, self-assuredly declaring Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton the presumptive victory over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Imagine their stunned reaction, then, to the latest results of the L.A. Times/USC “Daybreak” tracking poll, which shows a decidedly different electoral race than the one the media has been reporting on.

Instead of Clinton pulling to a decisive lead while Trump’s campaign allegedly implodes, the race is actually a virtual tie with Trump holding a one point lead, 44.6 – 43.5 percent.

When those results are broken down into the various sub-demographics, it is easy to see exactly where the support for the two candidates is coming from.

By age, Trump’s support seems to come from voters aged 35 to 64, and even more so from voters over the age of 65. Clinton’s support largely derives from those voters in the 18-to-34 range.

When it comes to education level, Trump wins handily among voters with a high school degree or less, and even among those with some college education. Clinton wins among those who’ve graduated college or pursued higher levels of education at the progressive indoctrination centers known as American universities.

Regarding the income of voters, Clinton maintains a solid lead among voters who earn less than $35,000 per year, while Trump holds an even bigger lead among the vaunted middle class, those earning between $35 and $75K. The two candidates are essentially tied with voters making more than $75K per year.

Clinton holds significant leads among minority voters like blacks and Latinos, though probably not as significant as the media would seem to imply. Trump wins among white voters, with the two again tied among those whose race/ethnicity is listed as “other.”

And, as could be expected, the genders break down accordingly with their respective representative candidate, women for Clinton and men for Trump.

The liberal media would have you believe that the race is for all intents and purposes already over, with nothing but the final vote to be tallied before officially declaring Clinton the next president.

They may want to hold off on their plans for a Clinton coronation ceremony just yet though, if this poll is any indication of how tight the race really is.


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