Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/07/16:Time For Christians To Stand Together

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Liberty Counsel's Campaign to Pray and vote. www.LC.org

There has never been a more crucial time for christians to stand together to turn this country back to the heart of God and make our voices heard. The 2016 presidential election may be the most pivotal election in America's history! The future of America will be determined in our lifetime by our actions now. Inaction makes us complicit in America's destruction. If we choose to be silent we choose to let evil triumph. We have a two fold responsibility in 2016.

Pray and vote. God is calling people of faith to change the course of our nation. The question is will you respond? Now is not the time for the church to be fearful, confused or apathetic. It is crucial for believers to be united in prayer and purpose. Voting is not merely a political act. It is a prophetic witness to our communities. As christians we are called to be salt and light in our culture--in all aspects, including electing officials and representatives in our constitutional republic. 

We are the government and politicians are to reflect the value of we the people. When we vote we appoint a person to act as our agent. If we fail to vote then we allow someone else to appoint that agent. For the first time in history of any nation we are being forced to participate in genocide by forced funding of abortion. For the first time marriage and gender are being deconstructed....Consequences of this will be catastrophic.

Killing innocent preborn children is not debatable. Marriage between one man and one woman is not debatable. Same sex marriage is contrary to the natural created order and scripture. Matthew Staver.

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