Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 by Joe Esposito


Hillary says she feels emotion as she approaches history. I will feel even greater emotion when they lock this fat, jowly scandal ridden dirtbag in a Federal prison and throw away the damn key. She'll be the 'FIRST'. Yes. The only former First Lady to spend a long time behind bars in a prison cell. And when the Good Lord sees fit HE will send this bitch straight into a fiery hell. I'm sure she'll be overjoyed when she clinches the nomination. The fact that the Dems could actually nominate this wretch really defies explanation.

This POS is so shopworn, corrupt and a monster who is worthy of distrust. The fact that there is a strong possibility that we might see a person soon to be indicted running for President should give all a feeling of disgust. But to this Democrat Party this must be some sort of badge of honor. Can you actually believe all this shit? Only to this Party of cretins for the office of President they send this swine as totally fit.

We must never give up hope that one day we will see justice finally be done. It is our fervent hope that this will finally come to be. She must pay for her part in the tragedy on that fateful night over three years ago in Benghazi. Her corruptibility is without question. The scandals can fill a tractor trailer truck. The range of it is astounding from emails to the Clinton foundation where favors are given for a buck. She must not go unpunished. For her lying and deceit she must receive retribution. We must see to it that she never escapes from prosecution.

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