Sunday, June 5, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/05/16:Urgent Alert

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Liberty Counsel:
Urgent Alert:

Matthew Staver PO Box 540774, Orlando, FL 32854 PH# 800 671 1776

IF THEY MEAN TO HAVE WAR LET IT BEGIN HERE! It is outrageous and infuriating that Barack Obama would abuse the DOJ in such a blatantly political manner! I am sure you feel the same ...DISBELIEF...OUTRAGE...and...DISGUST that I do regarding the insane “transgender bathroom” debacle that is sweeping our nation! It is never acceptable to expose women and children to degenerate predators who can now enter restrooms, locker rooms, and fitting rooms to stalk their prey! These laws have little to do with providing equality to 0.3% of the population who are gender confused! It has everything to do with leaving women and children vulnerable to attack in places they should feel safe, such as Target Stores and Schools across our country! Christians such as you and I must take a stand against this ever rising flood of immorality and utter nonsense! Please join Liberty Counsel in our fight by supporting our efforts to defeat these laws. We are currently working pro bono with 21 different states on this issue with more requests for help coming in everyday. Sadly, this is just the beginning as we watch the values our Country was founded on being stripped away in front of our eyes. 

 Running All Over Hell! the devil, he gets no rest. He’s working day and night! He’s got to do his best. His time is short to fight. He can’t stand the sight of Blood applied by God to you. He’s running all over hell to see what he can do. The devil, he quotes God’s Word, but twists it all around. He sees you as a bird whose wings are folded down. He can’t bear the though to know ...the POWER you hold within...He’s running all over hell....for fear you’ll fly again!

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