Saturday, June 4, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/04/16:“The Navigators”

Your Daily Bread for Life.
“The Navigators”

Chuck Swindoll Pastor, author and Bible teacher “The Navigators”

To know Christ and make Him known: The Navigators Military Ministry has 39o staffs ministering on 113 military installations world wide. We work on 26 Army Posts, 25 Navy Bases, 37 Air Force bases, 12 Marine Corp Bases, 6 Foreign Bases, 5 Joint Service Facilities, and ROTC Campuses. At least 40,000 military personnel and dependents are helped by “The Navigators” each year. Many of those helped, in turn, labor themselves in the Lord’s harvest, thus multiplying over and over the first faithful act to share Christ. “During a hitch in the marines a Navigator picked me out, believed in me, and helped train me. That’s the Navigators; close enough to comfort or confront; to replace self with Christ; to strip away the thin veneer of religious talk and place roots deep in the christian walk. That’s the stuff of which the Navigators are made and that’s the stuff that changed my life.

Chuck Swindoll” NAV/GIFT.ORG/HERO PO Box 6,000, Colorado Springs, CO 80934 866 568 7827

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