Friday, June 3, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/03/16:About Free Speech

Your Daily Bread for Life.
About Free Speech by The Delta Senior Writing Class

About Free Speech by The Delta Senior Writing Class (teamwork anonymous) What if you really knew the truth and someone jumped on you and accused you of not knowing what you are talking about...but grrrr.... YOU KNOW THAT YOU DO! Well, I thought I would send them a valentine with a black heart for such a compliment! I thought that might encourage them to think before speaking. Truth? What is truth? Isn’t it just someone else’s opinion? No!

Because the truth never changes. God’s Word is truth. If it is in contrast with God’s Word it is not truth! Black heart or red heart; I’m sure it’s really a purple heart. Telling the truth is something we should do all the time but it isn’t always easy. It doesn’t happen with a lot of people. They enjoy making up stories for a reaction or just want to start an argument. I’ve heard people say, “I tell little white lies all the time. 

That’s not the same. right? I like getting on people’s nerves by claiming what they say is wrong just to see their reaction.” What funny things people can make up. So what is the question? If it is free speech then I suppose you can say whatever you want. Even if it is a lie you are allowed to say it. Without your conscience bothering you, it’s a free pass! 

But saying whatever you want is more anarchy than free speech. Freedom only exists when everyone is free to express themselves without infringing on someone else’s freedom. Free speech is anything but free! There is a price for everything whether it is my feelings or anyone else’s, a price is attached. Do I blurt out just anything I want regardless of someone else’s right? 

Can they, in turn, shout out their thoughts and feelings regardless of what is morally or emotionally right? What about love, gentleness and joy? Don’t these effect what we should say? Free speech means being able to express your beliefs without being persecuted. the only time it is unlawful is to yell “FIRE” in a crowded building when there is no fire and your word caused panic and injury. When all is said and done, the truth will make you free.

If you really care when you know someone has lied and is completely conning a whole nation you must speak up. Tolerating evil promotes evil and history has proven that over and over. The truth never changes.

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