Saturday, June 4, 2016


Gen Flynn Chooses – Trump Or Endless Disaster Clinton

gen michael Flynn trump

by Rick Wells

Gen Michael Flynn’s Low-light Reel Of Hillary Clinton-Caused Disasters

Former DIA Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is asked for his opinion as to who would make a better commander in chief, a president Hillary Clinton or a president Donald Trump. He answered without hesitation for Trump and had an extensive list of reasons why it was an easy call to make.

He notes how her speech of earlier in the day which was supposed to be one focused on foreign policy lacked substance and how during that speech she talked about people who are dangerous. He said, “I mean, a Secretary of State who lies to the American public, a Secretary of State who uses an unsecure email server to send and receive highly classified national security information, knowing that she’s not doing the right thing.”

He continues, “And when you look at some of the actions that she was directly involved in, the rise of the Islamic State, the failure of Libya, the failure of the Russian reset, the failure of the Pacific with China, nobody even talks about that anymore it was such a failure, I mean I could go on and on.”

He goes on for a little longer, saying, “The Iranian nuclear deal which she was directly involved in, Yemen, I mean there’s so many things that she touched that are just utter failures. And so when people talk about, you know, whoever the Democrat nominee is going to be and the current policies that we have in the last eight years and frankly I could tie a few to the last administration too.” He says, “We need just a completely new direction in this country.”

Van Susteren adopts the Clinton rhetoric into her questioning, seemingly attempting to get elicit a negative response. She failed, Flynn characterized Trump as being “in a bit of a knife fight” politically and while he’s definitely new to this game he describes him as an incredible problem solver with great instincts and judgment. Combined with his creation of an incredible company, Trump is someone “who has done a lot,” says Flynn, “much more than just the political class.”

He adds, “And I think there’s two other things that he has clearly done, he’s put a stake in the heart of political correctness and he has found an enormous swell of the American public that feels deeply under-appreciated by Washington DC.”

She asks a stupid question, one that is more befitting the current illegitimate White House occupant whom she let get away unchallenged for almost eight years, if someone can have too much confidence. Can one anchor have too much liberal bias, Greta?

Flynn agrees that while it’s possible, he notes that you have to be willing to surround yourself with people that aren’t just like you, “the ones that are going to challenge your views.” Flynn points out to his interviewer, “You’re not as successful as an individual as he is and has been without being able to do that. I mean you just look at some of the people that he’s got around him in his sort of close in circle; these are not people that all think like him.”

Flynn sums it up saying, “I’m not in his inner circle but I can tell you that I don’t agree with everything that he’s said. But I do see the type of ideas and things that he wants to do. I mean the greatest threat to our country right now is our economy, number one. There’s no doubt about it in my mind. Everything that I’ve looked at over certainly the last decade in the kinds of things we’ve been involved in where we’ve been just wasting resources, by this country. And I think that, you know, frankly, Hillary Clinton’s speech she didn’t talk much about the economy. She really didn’t, she talked about sort of these lofty things and really didn’t dive into the things that I believe the American public cares about which is the economy of our country. We must protect this economy which protects our livelihood. Not for the next four years, Greta, not even for the next ten years but for the next fifty or one hundred. I mean we are in a different era in this 21st century. We’re already in the second decade and we’re having a very, very difficult time right now

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LMFAO!! What great lampooning of that lying, criminal, murdering, hypocrite.

"Dr. Ben Carson told the Los Angeles Times, “Hillary gave a speech this afternoon about foreign policy, and it was painfully obvious to everyone on our staff that the trumps were really bothering her today.”

“When your legal immunity is low, that’s when these things tend to take hold of you. Mrs. Clinton has been spinning so furiously for so long, it was just a matter of time before it caught up with her.”

“What she needs more than anything else right now is jail rest. If you just keep fighting the trumps, they come back stronger the next time.”