Saturday, June 4, 2016


Slavery of minds and hearts......... 

Closed minds and hearts often must be taken into the depths of consequences for failing to use discernment in decisions, for choosing to follow people because of how it helps them regardless of how it destroys the foundations of their government, their nation, their families, and their lives.

When those listen only to what their "itching ears want to hear" and what their selfish needs and wants are INSTEAD OF protecting and defending truth, freedom and justice for all, THEY FEED THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION AND THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL.

They have been lied to for so long and yet continue to clap and holler despite the bitterness, hate, destruction, and chaos built by those they support, despite the laws they break, despite being the law keepers but ignoring their roles in protecting and defending law for all. LAWLESS AND DECEPTIVE LEADERS play them, give them little "gifts" to keep them following along, and "teach" them not to listen to others and to mock and come back at their fellow citizens who would challenge their thinking.

TROUBLEMAKING LIARS HAVE BEEN GIVEN A STRONG ROPE ON THE NECKS OF THEIR SLAVES (heart and mind), and the fooled slaves swallowing their every word don't even know they give power and control to those who can knock the chair out from under their feet AT ANY MOMENT. And they attack those warning them of the ropes and the chair..... all right in front of them.

PRAY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LET THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS BE TAKEN, WHO HAVE ALLOWED SATAN TO PUT SCALES OVER THEIR EYES, WHO ONLY LET WORDS IN THAT PLEASE THEIR SELFISH MOTIVES and "itching ears." You will know them by their fruits, including their response to you when you attempt to have them be discerning of reality, to just think and see and feel the pain and hurt rising around them..... to have them CLEARLY SEE THAT THEIR SUPPORT CHOICES ARE CREATING AND BUILDING DESTRUCTION FOR OTHERS, FOR A NATION, FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS.....AND YES, EVEN FOR THEM.

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