Sunday, June 26, 2016



We can't not stop and think about Brexit. What did it take to inspire that many citizens of the United Kingdom to vote to 'leave'? Why did the polls have it all wrong? Did they not know that the people of the UK were angry and why?

Using common sense and research on the Internet, brings 'open borders' to mind. It also make one realize that people want a country to which everyone assimilates and adheres to the laws. A country without borders and constant immigration of people who are not happy with the laws of country that they have immigrated to, are not going to benefit the natural born citizens. The only people who did not side with them were the elite NWO; no borders populace.

 It became most clear to British citizens that their new immigrant arrivals were not like them. They had their own laws, that being, 'Shariah Law'. The law of the new-comers did not blend well with the lifestyles of British born subjects.

When you begin to understand that other countries that belong to the EU are not happy either, it all seems to make sense. Open borders can be a wonderful sign of a peaceful world. That ideology begins to crumble when there is a group of immigrants who are different than the rest of the civilized world, as we know it.

 Islam is not so much a religion, maybe not at all, as it is a way of life and government. Islamic countries breed a people who are taught to submit and to kill for the sake of the most important thing in their lives, Islam.
When living in countries that do not support their way of life, most Muslims segregate themselves in their own communities and resist anyone who is not one of them from entering upon their way of life. Many aspects of their living is not comfortable to even imagine. Islam teaches that raping women is acceptable. Marrying a child is part of their culture. Torture is a way of life for them. Pain and hurting is a daily routine. 

People outside their communities can only imagine what goes on because even police are not permitted to enter unless they force their way in looking for suspects of acts of terrorism. They do not 'give up' one of their own.

With all of this in mind, we must reason that immigrants, of the faith of Islam, have already started their communities here in America. Americans are getting angry. Europeans have been angry for some time now. Governments that chose to support these immigrants will not fare well. People want to be protected from an ideology that does not and will not conform to the laws of their land. 

Brexit is only the beginning of a natural movement to regain the culture of one's homeland. Europe will continue to break off from the EU and Americans can take back their country. Only the elite NWO wants America to be open to the rest of the world. 

America is not like the world of Islamic nations nor is it the same as the gun restricted countries of the EU.

In the Unites States of America a movement has begun with the upcoming elections. A large part of the American people have realized that there is only one man who can change the open border and immigrant situations. That man is Donald J. Trump. He has the love of his country in his blood. He is a brilliant man who knows how to fix an economy. He has and is building an executive committee who will guide him in all specialty government decisions. Trump loves his family deeply. He would never take on a job that he could not handle. He would never accept leaving anything but a positive legacy for his children and grandchildren.  


Let's take back America. Vote Trump! 

 Daveda Gruber

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