Sunday, June 26, 2016


The truth behind the rhetoric

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Hey folks,

Is it me, or does every time Congress and the Senate have a priority for Them, they rush it into the halls of Congress and the Senate, and try to shove it down the people's throats, whenever they propose a bill or legislation that is in their best interest,it is fast tracked right to the front of the line ! but when the citizens want things like term limits, border security, and legislation on controlling corruption in government, like the IRS, or investigations into corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the clock seems to stop !!! 

When We The people Want Some Legislation to restore our rights and liberties, it has to go through every court in the nation, all the way to the Supreme Court, before it's even considered, any powers that the people have acknowledged in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are constantly, the first on the list when it comes to challenging and removing our rights and our freedoms, creating regulations and restrictions on the People !!!. 

IS it me or is the hypocrisy so transparent and blatantly obvious,that people just don't see it ? I still do not understand why people call the Democratic Party the Democratic Party, because it's quite obvious they are the Communist Party, that's why Bernie Sanders ran in that party, and why Bernie Sanders almost won the communist Democratic nomination for president !!! , it has to be as obvious to you as it is to me, that these people do not represent our best interest, at all !!! Every chance that these people get to erode our rights and liberties, they cannot act fast enough, with ill will and intent against the people of this nation.

 Bill Sharpe


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