Wednesday, June 8, 2016


God has allowed some to see the truth and recognize evil... those who have worked to guard their hearts and minds against the great liar and deceiver, Satan, and those he uses to fool so many. THIS IS WHY WE MUST STAY IN HIS WORD AND IN COMMUNION WITH HIS SPIRIT AND LEADINGS. This is why evil people work to remove God's Word from sight and thought and mind and heart. 

To be silent when we recognize evil works of others is to aid their assault on all of us. And one day we will stand before the Lord and be accountable for our words and deeds.... or our silence in the face of evil. We must be "good and faithful servants" of the Lord and the Kingdom of God.

Is God above all in your allegiance in this world? Check your priorities. Don't delay, and if you have taken a path against Him and His Word and His Way and His Truths, THEN STOP AND TURN BACK TO HIM in your life, your choices, with your family, in your country.

Who are you supporting in leadership roles, in government, in authority? Do they stand with God's Word or speak and lead against what God calls good or bad? IT MATTERS. NOT THE WORLD, CHILD OF GOD. NOT THE WORLD. God says: You can not serve two masters, for you will love the one and hate the other.

Satan will take you into hate, spiritual blindness, steal your conscience and leave you without the ability to use discernment. HE'LL DARKEN YOUR SOUL AND TAKE YOU SO DEEP INTO THIS WORKS THAT CREATE HARM FOR YOU AND FOR OTHERS. Be not deceived by the prince of this world who roams like a devouring lion, never satisfied and never sleeps.

ARE YOU PROTECTING YOUR SOUL.... your heart and mind?
Or have you left it unprotected and open for CHANGE? Is it more important to look good to "others" than to stand firm on the foundations of your Heavenly Father and Creator? Do you store up treasures on earth or for heaven?

IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, LET THE LIGHT OF GOD SHINE INTO YOU AND EXPOSE ANY SIN OR WAYWARD PATH YOU MAY BE ON. When God's truths shine the light on your choices against Him, REPENT AND CONFESS. Ask for His forgiveness and "go and sin no more." The battle is spiritual.... for your very soul. Make haste to reject the ways of the world and turn your life back to living as a servant of the Kingdom of God.

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