Sunday, June 5, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : It's Sunday and there will be plenty of news shows.

Joe Esposito


It's Sunday and there will be plenty of news shows.

It's Sunday and there will be plenty of news shows. This is the day of intense political punditry. With the California Primary a couple of days away the question is CAN BERNIE CATCH HILLARY?? It is very tight. On this there seems to be great unanimity. It is a source of wonder to see the resiliency of Bernie. The scandal ridden pig just can't put away this wacko Socialist.

Sanders just will not quit. He is insisting it will be a contested Convention in Philadelphia.. He's making that so very clear. There will be much for the pundits to talk about and for us to hear. The violence in San Jose should be a hot topic of conversation. The vermin, the miscreants, the Mexican illegals bonded and harassed Trump supporters while burning the flag of our beloved nation. In fact many flags were destroyed and many Mexican flags were displayed prominently. No words could possibly describe the insanity that we did see. Trump supporters were chased down, pelted with eggs and tomatoes. Many were beaten. It was quite an assault. 

And what did that idiot Mayor of San Jose say?? It was all Donald Trump's fault!! The logic truly escapes me but the thrashing and demonizing of the DON certainly does not. Of that we certainly have a lot. It is utterly appalling to see the media joining the Far Left zealots in working feverishly to re-define common sense border security as a somewhat strange mix of racism and nativism! They claim that the DON is engaging in pure Fascism. It is used to terrify the voters in this 2016 election and to an extreme by the NEW YORK 'SLIMES' in their disgusting editorials which condemn Trump for using it to perfection.

Espousing law and order and being highly critical of immigration somehow means that the Don is the second coming of Adolf Hitler. How truly obscene is this I ask you. The hyperbole in this campaign is breathtakingly noxious and utterly offending in my personal view. What we are seeing with these violent outbursts just strengthens Trump's case. What we will have seen and what's to be have in our politics absolutely no place. These miscreants, these vermin will never succeed in silencing political opposition. Terror from within will never be tolerated. When the DON 'threw his hat in the ring' I wonder if he realized that he would generate all of this vitriol, all of this hate.

I'm sure he knew the GOP was strewn with cowardly politicians who clearly did not have the ability to resonate. Years of fecklessness have led to the insurgency that the chattering class has for so long failed to see and still do. But we, who are supporters of Trump, know for sure why he is seen as polarizing and why he engenders this hate. It's because he's the type that 'pulls no punches'. He gives to you straight. From our political discourse this has what's been missing. His 'in your face' straight talk is what his enemies find so utterly distressing!  

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