Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DOJ Rules Out Death Penalty in Clinton Email Case


WASHINGTON – In a stunning development in the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and possible misuse of classified information, prosecutors from the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced they would not seek the death penalty in the controversial case.

Democrats everywhere breathed a huge sigh of relief at the news, while Republicans were obviously disappointed. The ruling doesn’t mean Clinton is out of hot water, but she won’t have to pay the ultimate price if she is found guilty of breaking the law and putting national security at risk.

Attorney General Loretta Holder made the announcement.

Jerry Richmond, an Independent voter from Idaho, said, “I’m really bummed to hear that. I think the death penalty would send a clear message to others that you can’t do what Hillary did. To be honest, I never really thought they would sentence her to death, but I was hopeful that maybe Huma or Cheryl Mills would get theirs.”

Richmond also said that he understood many people oppose capital punishment, but he bet most would make an exception in the cases of crooked politicians. “I guess the best I can hope for is that justice will be served by a new administration over the Clinton Foundation scam. It might be a year or two from now, but it would be worth the wait.”


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