Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...5/10/16:Homer Come Home

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Mysterious Ways mw@guidepost.org Editor:
by Adam Hunter. Homer Come Home. Tony Pena:

The Miracle of the Missing Maltese Terrier

Guideposts: Tony Pena and his canine pal, Homer

The true story of how Homer, a lost six-month-old Maltese mix, restored a family’s faith

For six weeks my wife Veronica and I drove around the neighborhood putting up lost dog posters. calling neighbors and shelters but Homer, our six month old maltese mix was nowhere to be found. He had disappeared during a Thanksgiving family gathering. Homer was tiny but he had a big personality which made him the star of the evening for my nieces and nephews. we didn’t realize until everyone else had gone home that he had slipped out. 

“Have faith. We’ll find him” I told myself. Veronica squeezed my hand. Maybe Homer had found a new family to love him. I didn’t want to consider any sadder fate. Then the phone rang. It was a neighbor saying, “Tony, you won’t believe this but my daughter saw your dog. In St. Helen’s Church a tiny white and gray mixed dog had marched right into the church seven times in a row no matter how firmly he was shooed back out.

Eventually a family in the congregation took him home. This seemed impossible. St Helen’s was miles away and too far for a puppy to walk. Besides how could he know we attended church there. We had never taken him with us to church? At evening service we asked the deacon for the number of the family that had taken the little dog home. sure enough, as soon as the woman opened the door we were greeted with the familiar bark. 

The Lady told us the little dog seemed to be looking for someone because he hopped up on the pew as if he knew what he was doing.

 Back Home:

I wandered away from my home place to search for a dream I can’t find. Now I’m alone with my memories. I’ve got “Home Sweet Home” on my mind. My loved ones now sit by the fire side. They’re waiting to welcome me home. My Mama, she kneels by her bedside. She’s praying for me while I’m gone. The night is now falling around me. I won’t sleep a wink till the dawn. Tomorrow the daylight will find me...somewhere on my long journey home.

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