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Your Daily Bread for Life...5/09/16:About ST John (Don ) Bosco

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Salesian Missions...

About ST John (Don ) Bosco:

Our long and proud history began on August 16,1815 on the birth of our founder John Don Bosco. At only nine years old John Bosco had a dream that caused him to dedicate his life to the education of poor and disadvantaged young people. John followed his calling by entertaining and influencing his peers even as a child. In 1841 he was ordained a priest and in 1859 established the popularly known as “The Salesian.” It was the beginning of a movement grounded in John’s educational style based on reasoning, religion and loving kindness.

Today we are located in more than 130 countries and touch the lives of millions of children and families. Salesian Missions have given hope and opportunity to millions of youth around the globe. For close to 70 years we have been your hands reaching out to the abandoned, forgotten and destitute youth of the world. The life saving works that are funded by Salesian Missions are made possible, in large part, due to the love , compassion and generosity of the American People.

Salesian missions, 2 Lefevre Lane, New Rochelle, NY 10801-5710 PH (914) 633 8344

PL Sturgis: I was introduced to the the Salesian Ministry by the little book of poetry. My sister Lorraine sent this little book to me as a monthly gift. Our big family seems to love and write poetry, a God given gift inherited from Mom Cole. I send what I can to them and sometimes as little as a dollar and still get a thank you gift with another little book of fresh new poems that touch my heart as I am sure God sends them in His perfect timing to those who need and appreciate them. 

“Without confidence and love there will be no true education.” John Don Bosco.

Salesian Missions Giving hope to millions of youth around the globe.
Over 1 million people have enjoyed Salesian books and cards as a way of bringing peace, joy and hope into their own lives.

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