Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...4/27/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Dr. James Kennedy New Every Morning.
 He restores my soul:

God is the Great Restorer of all things and He can make our souls new even when we have known Him and have backslidden. many times when we fall we think God is angry and wants nothing to do with us anymore, but that is not true. Christ the good Shepherd will come seeking us when we have gone astray. He will restore our soul. (unquote Dr. Kennedy. PL Sturgis: 

This reminds me of a time a few years after my husband died and I was trying to move on without him although being with him for a lifetime and 51 years of marriage kept me in denial and pretending he was on a trip and I had to do what I could to keep the home fires burning. All our appliances broke one after the other. I kept replacing them and expecting another curse of some kind and sure enough... A bad storm with drenching rain broke through the tiny roof leak that had been there for over a year, I got up that morning and my kitchen ceiling was on my kitchen table and all over the floor. I lost it!

I told God, You made the whole world and everything in it and you won’t answer one of my prayers. There’s no sense in praying. You have abandoned me. I said to myself, “Maybe there is someone on Facebook who will care.” I was in shock when I turned Face Book on and there was a picture of Jesus hanging on the Cross looking at me like He loved me. 

I felt ashamed and wondered how could He love me when I rejected Him?

The words were written...”I Love You This Much.” No one but the Lord could have known my thoughts just before I saw those words. My thoughts were...”Even God doesn’t love me.” Then I wrote this Poem.

He stretched out His arms for me:

He stretched out His arms and He died. He rose to have me by His side. But He does not force me to come. He calls, I submit and it’s done. He leads, He directs and He guides...But it will be me who follow or walk on my previous paths I have known.  Now I look at this picture and see...His arms stretched out waiting for me...Lord, You never turn me away. My arms are wide open today

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