Wednesday, April 27, 2016


'' O ye plebs!...Take heed and learn from the tragedy that which had befallen the noble Gracchus , who while crying out the cause of ye the people was murdered in cold blood by the hand of Patrician elite!...He who shrouds himself in cloth of embroidered Gold and Silver, adorned in precisions stones and Sapphires..Take heed o ye Plebs, of the Patrician soothsayer... Who's hands are as delicate as silk and smooth as Ivory, and yet proclaims to understand the pain, sufferings and struggles of the people..The less fortunate, the vanquished and the impoverished!...Be wary of the Patrician o ye Plebs!... Who overtly proclaims his undying love for the cause of the people and their troubles and sufferings..While living a life of absolute leisure and luxury! while his fellow man lives,wallows and drowns in the wretchedness and misery of poverty and hunger!....Take heed o Plebs, of the fork tonged Patrician, who's only merits and sincerity, precedes no farther then the baseless, empty and yet smooth and soft tone of his poisonous rhetoric, from which flows the many cheep and baseless words so to deceive , captivate and thus poison the minds and hearts of the people!..Be weary of the Patrician o ye Pleb...For to cast your trust and thus place your life and that of your loved ones in his hands...Is no less of a dangerous feat..Then if a Shepperd intrusts his flock, to the fangs of wolves!...''

Darius Radmanesh

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