Friday, April 1, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.
wounded Warrior Project:
 2016 by Steven Nardizzi, Chief Executive Officer:

Let’s think about warriors like army Specialist Bryan Wagner who underwent 27 surgeries on his right leg yet he barely remembers the explosion that caused his injuries. All that Bryan recalls is being on fire and because a nearby fire extinguisher was destroyed in the blast his comrades had to pour fruit punch on him to douse the flames. 

“I’m going to have to send a thank you letter to “juicy juice.” Bryan said with a twinkle in his eye, but it was no laughing matter. It was so serious that ultimately he decided to have his right leg amputated. His surgery took place at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center....and it was there...that for two long challenging years that Bryan went through rehab. He says, “I stayed there until I knew I could do anything.” 

Anything meant for Bryan ---finishing the Bataan Memorial Death March! It is a 26 mile challenge through high desert terrain held to honor World War 2 service members who defended the Philippines. since then Bryan has become more active than ever. While advancing his education he remains fully committed to giving back to other warriors who have inspired him. Bryan says, “I want to be their ally.

 I want them to know it’s possible to do even more after an amputation than you could do before. My father taught me to never give matter what!” 

Pearl’s Poem:

 Full Moon over Baghdad :

 There’s a full moon over Baghdad but it soon will disappear...For a tyrant rules that nation and all hearts are filled with fear. He has butchered his own family. He has murdered his own kin. But his days have long been numbered. Now his reign of terror ends. There’s a mighty army coming from “One Nation under God!” 

Hear the helicopters humming where courageous ground troops trod? They will liberate their neighbors at the risk of their own lives. There is not an army braver who would leave their homes and wives. They’ve a very special reason to “proclaim throughout the land.” It’s the Precious sake of Freedom...for the sake of God and man! 

(written the night before Iraqi Freedom War 2002 when the news announcer said...”There’s a full moon now over Baghdad but it won’t be for very long.” The next day I finished the poem.

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