Thursday, March 31, 2016


Who created and made your child? It was the Almighty, All-knowing God of Heaven's Armies.

God chose to make that child a male or female. God is Holy. To truly understand the magnitude and awesomeness of God Almighty makes one clearly understand that the gender God intended for a child IS A MALE OR FEMALE, MADE BY GOD. That was God's decision, and God does not make mistakes.

God gave parents that child as His gift, for parents to raise, direct, and teach "in the way he or she should go." His Word instructs parents, and they are to instruct their children in God's teachings and Way.

The voices of sinful humans on earth want you to follow what they say is "true." These false voices come with high degrees, high profile jobs, some wearing lab coats, some with "Dr." before their names, some with high paying jobs, and even some wearing robes and collars around their necks. They are even labeled "experts." Their sinful-natured counter-parts in the media parade them before the cameras and in front of you giving you their ungodly messaging about altering one's sexual choice, connecting it to "genetic preference." The sinful-natured university researchers tell you this and that study shows homosexual or transgender choices are not "free choices" at all..... That it is inherit in their genetic build up to want to CHANGE their sexual identity. Understand this: WHAT ONE DOES AS A CAREER DOES NOT TELL YOU WHAT KIND OF PERSON THEY ARE, WHAT CHARACTER THEY HAVE, WHERE THEIR HEARTS ARE ALIGNED. The "taken" use their positions, especially high profile positions, to lure your choices against God, to tell you to make your own choices, to lead you down into sin.

You must understand WHO GOD IS and what the ungodly will do against God. Satan uses anyone he can "steal" to steal others away from God and His Way. His destruction of soul and separation of you from your Creator is his goal. His favorite weapon is DECEPTION AND LIES. Satan has an army of deceivers and liars who have risen in America and who have spread their tentacles throughout every vein in America to influence your thinking away from living and honoring what God says and to influence you to TURN AWAY AND DO WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT THEY TELL YOU IS ALRIGHT, WHAT THEY TELL YOU THAT YOU "DESERVE" TO BE HAPPY. Oh the lies and twisted words of Satan's taken tongues to deceive and pull you into choosing a way that leads to utter unhappiness and destruction. Unless you are filled with God, you will seek and knock and ask others instead of SEEKING, KNOCKING AND ASKING GOD FOR HIS WAY IN YOUR LIFE ALONE.

Do you think what God makes is a "mistake?" You think The Creator of all makes mistakes? God's created children have choices, choices to follow all sin's temptations and paths or REBUKE AND REJECT THEM, whether it is to steal, lie, kill or choose a sexual lifestyle that goes against what God created a person to be and follow.

KNOW WHO GOD IS. Know who Satan is and know who his sinful messengers are among you, presented as all-knowing experts. ARE YOU GOING TO FOLLOW THEM OR GOD YOUR CREATOR? Do not be fooled by society's elevated humans who use their positions to lead you to sin by their lies fed from their "earthly thrones." BEWARE OF SEEING GOD AS JUST "ONE SIDE OF A COIN" with the other side of sinful-natured voices just as important. GOD is ALL TRUTH AND LOVE. Sinful humans can lead you to deposit your soul in hell, no matter their title, education, job, status. They want you with them in eternal hell. THEY ARE WORLDLY. GOD IS THE GREAT "I AM."

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